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Capturing those moments means everything to me

Bob Zwaan Photography

I am a hard working, light-hearted guy who lives for capturing the moment. At the end of the day, loving your images is all I want. Photography has always been a hobby and a passion for me, capturing those moments and memories means everything to me. I highlight those moments in landscape, people and pet photography.

Combining my love for Animals with my love of Photography.

Pet Photography has become very special to me. It was a way I could capture images and memories of my very special buddy, Kodiak, through the journey of his incredible life, that touched so many people. Saying good bye to him was a nightmare come true. It tore me to threads but having captured so many beautiful moments of him and his life has been a miraculous healing experience. It brings tears to my eyes yet brings me great joy. I want to offer this to anyone who wants to foster positive feelings to remember their bestest furry friend. A beautiful photograph allows us to stay in that moment forever.

I enjoy every minute with your pet as I photograph them. My goal is to capture their soul as I look straight into the camera.


Phone: (484) 459-0953